Hobby Lobby: Looters and Scoundrels

Clearly, Hobby Lobby’s act is abhorrent and illegal under numerous laws and treaties.   I hope the artifacts are repatriated and that those responsible serve time. Also, this is particularly disturbing given Hobby Lobby’s stance that as a Roman Catholic company they need not provide insurance that covers birth control. It smacks of disregard for “other” cultures that today happen to be Muslim majority nations.  I usually teach about these issues in three of my courses. Sad to say I have this new, egregious, example of how art is used in war crimes.  For anyone interested, I have a bad bibliography covering the topics of looting, ethics, international law, repatriation, and the sale or destroying of cultural heritage as a war crime.  http://www.weny.com/story/35822938/hobby-lobby-fined-3-million-over-smuggled-iraqi-artifacts?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WENY_TV_News


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