I am an art historian, feminist, cartoonist, dog lover, and mom.  Since 2005 I have been a professor of art history and gender and women’s studies at SUNY Oswego.  My research area is Gender and Japanese art and architecture of the Nineteenth century, art historiography, and teaching pedagogy.   I got a PhD at the University of Michigan in 2004; my dissertation thesis concerned Japan’s exhibits at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and how the Meiji government used art, history, and gender to argue for better treaties with the US and European powers.





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  1. Patrick Siu

    Dear Dr Langlois, Your webpages are highly informative and inspiring. I learn a lot from them but I need to study them slowly and carefully. Thank you very much for your kind support and encouragement. My interest is drawing the Australian outback using Chinese landscape painting technique. (Imagine an old painting master of the Sung or Yuan Dynasty come to Australia by time travel, how will he /she draw the magnificent and ancient landscape. I will keep on writing webpages on Chinese art history. Kind regards, Patrick

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    1. Lisa K. Langlois Post author

      No, thank you! You are posting detailed information, translations, and insights that would take me years to gather! Seriously, I read Japanese slowly, and am limited to reading the kinds of Chinese that are very familiar phrases or poems on paintings. I am not an expert on Chinese painting, but I love it. I was lucky enough to study with Dr. Richard Edwards when I started graduate school and then with Dr. Martin Powers as I was ending it. Starting out with an interest in Buddhist art, I worked a lot with (sadly, the late) Dr. Virginia Kane and Walter Spink. Later I switched to working on Japanese art and architecture. That said, I loved my seminars on Song and Yuan painting! Actually, the Asian Art historian I succeeded in my job had also studied Chinese painting with my mentors. Since he retired he has been painting scenes of New York in the literati style — like you. They are wonderful paintings, I will look to see what you are doing. My page is just a start, I want to help my students learn how to do research and they cannot read Japanese or Chinese, so, it’s a start. Thank you for your interest!

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