Samantha Bee blasts Donald Trump’s sexism and debate prep on ‘Full Frontal’

The Fifth Column

Samantha Bee blasts Donald Trump's sexism and debate prep on 'Full Frontal'

Image Credit: YouTube


A Wednesday night airtime — instead of the typical Monday — gave Samantha Bee plenty of time to break down the first presidential debate on Full Frontal, and the late-night host didn’t disappoint. Stressing the importance of this year’s election, Bee noted that even the NFL’s Monday Night Football matchup was skipped by the majority of Americans in favor of the debate.

“For once, concussion-ball was not as compelling as watching American democracy play Russian roulette,” she says.

But while Donald Trump was steady in the opening portion of the debate — or as Bee put it, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s “control collar worked for about 20 minutes” — he fell into Hillary Clinton’s trap by succumbing to his sexist tendencies.

“Trump warned us that Hermione Clinton would be cheating by doing something called ‘preparing,'” Bee said. “But Trump never considered the possibility…

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